Fertility treatments should not be a privilege that is only available to those who can afford it. If you agree, lend your voice to the cause and make a difference!

When it comes to change, no one cares more about your cause than you do. To make a significant impact, you must be willing to advocate for yourself but you don’t have to do it alone.

If you want to have your voice heard on the topic of funding assistance for fertility care, take the actions below.

Employee Advocacy

Canadians who need help building their family, should be able to get it. Fertility Benefits Matter has created tools to empower you with the information you need to ask your employer for comprehensive fertility benefits.

Visit Fertility Benefits Matter's website to find step-by-step toolkits for both employees and employers to help advocate for fertility and family-building coverage at work. 

Government Advocacy 

The Fertility Alberta toolkit is designed to help you have your voice heard by your political representative.

Albertans like you sharing your story about how the financial burden of fertility treatments has impacted your life and showing that you support public funding for assisted reproductive technology is critical to moving the cause forward.

Simply download and fill in our premade document with your information and send it to your representative (we can help you find their contact info too!).

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